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From the Superintendent:    Autumn 2018

You will probably notice a few changes to our plan this quarter.

We have the blessing of the addition to our Circuit staff of Deacon Ramona Samuel.  We offer her and her family a warm welcome; she comes as an answer to, and will continue to flourish with, our continued prayer.  She will be living in temporary rented accommodation until the planned for alterations are completed on the house at Rubens Gate.

We said farewell to Revd. Jane Anderson from St Augustine’s.  She has faithfully served the ecumenical church over many years.  She will be missed and we wish her well for the future.

On the first four Sundays of the plan you will see the Special Days indicating the Seasons of Creation.  This is a pattern of devotion from the churches in the southern hemisphere. It allows for prayerful consideration to be given to the world in which we live.  It is a series that the preachers in Chelmsford will be following for the month, but it is open to other churches/preachers to use the material if it is helpful.

You will also notice some additions and subtractions.

Additions - to the initials indicating special services on the plan.  If there are any you think we should add please let me know.

Subtractions - the contact detail of preachers.  This is a result of discussion on Data Protection.  Emails and Addresses are still available; if you want them please contact the Circuit Administrator.

I hope this all makes sense and that God’s blessing will continue to be upon you.


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